I just liked this: Pegboard Nerds - Emergency by Pegboard Nerds / http://ift.tt/ZoBSKV

I just liked this: Likememix by Rocky Palos / http://ift.tt/1v8z0vS

I really did it! I finished a track/remix
For the past 12 months I feel like I needed to experiment a lot with sounds and all that came out were rough ideas and song sketches but with this months LPA MMU I’m back in buisness^^at least I hope so…
Anyways… enjoy this Keys to the Kingdom Remix I did and let me know what you think…

I’m going to Australia!

From October 2013 to August 2014 I will be working and travelling in Australia :D
I will use a special blog for that time and anything related to this will be posted on rg|australia

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amazing performance by LP @ SummerSonic 2013 in Japan
the audio quality of this stream is astonishing :D

Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes
made from the snippets on youtube/instagram/vine

Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes

Rock’n’Heim is just a week away
only Linkin Park could make this more awesome

this is kinda cool… repetitive lyrics but guitars^^

If you haven’t already, check out CĪ”sper EDM
He just released his HEART RHYTHM EP as a free download!!!

thanks to the Playlist Mike did I discovered this great band

1930s, 1940s and 1950s radio shows

Check them out!
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This is dope!

This is dope!

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